Couple's Consult

Weisser Family law offers a unique service known as a Couple's Consult, designed for those who desire to work out an amicable settlement. The Couple's Consult addresses the needs of more high-functioning couples who believe they can work out a settlement, and need primarily information about the legal and practical issues that need to be addressed.  While each case is different, the legal issues that need to be addressed are the same in each case. Gaining an understanding of what exactly the issues are and the public policy behind them is instrumental in helping couples decide the best process option for moving forward. A Couple's Consult can help resolve some of the ambiguity about a divorce, and can offer both parties an objective look at what they are facing, and how they can work together to resolve the legal issues.

Another benefit of a Couple's Consult is the ability to talk about the emotional aspect of a divorce. Each party experiences the end of a marriage differently, and understanding of the role of empathy in resolving issues is important. Understanding the public policies behind the laws and how to analyze the issues often helps a couple work together.

Once the parties have participated in a Couple’s Consult, Herb cannot represent either one of them without the express written consent of the other.  However, he can act as a mediator if the parties decide to address the issues through the mediation process.