Family law can be complicated, depending on the nature of the assets (in divorce cases), and the emotional agenda of the parties involved. Often, the emotional and legal agendas are intertwined, and it is not possible to reach an amicable settlement.  Herb Weisser has been a family law trial lawyer for over 20 years and has extensive experience litigating family law matters. He is known and respected by many judges and family law attorneys in Oregon.  While he believes in settling issues outside the courtroom whenever possible, the cases he does take to trial often obtain a better result than that offered by opposing counsel, due to his experience with the courts, his diligence and attention to detail, and knowledge of the law.  The judges heed what he says on behalf of his clients, because they know he would not be there if he felt a better result could have been obtained for his client through settlement prior to trial.

Unlike many attorneys who work in the alternative dispute resolution field, Herb Weisser maintains a busy family law litigation practice, in addition to his collaborative and mediation practice.  Herb uses his collaborative and mediation skills to try to help resolve court cases, and likewise, he uses his trial and advocacy skills to help promote analysis and ideas in his collaborative and mediation cases.