Straight Talk Mediation

Traditional mediators often avoid expressing an opinion about how an issue should be resolved.  We don’t avoid it; that is the point of Straight Talk Mediation.  The opinion of a neutral professional who has represented all sides of the issue can be an invaluable resource for those wishing to resolve issues peacefully. Herb's style of mediation is to help the parties understand the issues, the public policies behind laws that are designed to guide issue resolution, ways the laws are interpreted and enforced by the court system, how the ability to modify can affect how an issue is resolved, how many issues are inter-dependent, the most appropriate way to analyze issues, how to determine the value of an issue, and the role of empathy in working out durable, creative agreements.

Weisser Family Law focuses on intelligent solutions for the entire family and seeks to facilitate the creation of new post-divorce relationships between parents. Weisser Family Law works with a network of neutral counselors, divorce coaches, certified divorce planners, and child specialists to provide the resources for healthier family transitions.  Herb requires that couples involved in Straight Talk Mediation each have their own attorney to review any agreements made between them during mediation.